Navy’s Favorite Things Party

After seeing my recent favorite things party, Navy wanted to host one of her own.
So we sent out some invites, and we put together a slam-dunk party!
Before it started, I talked to her about being polite, making sure everyone was having a good time, introducing everyone to each other, and keeping the swing of the party in motion.
When everyone arrived, milk and cookies were on the menu — and she made sure everyone had their own carafe.
Her guest list was exclusive — only her favorites!
After the present exchange, the girls went in the hot tub for some fun.
And they all left with a little “favorite thing” from Navy - A seashell for bedside jewelry.
Navy — you were an impressive hostess for your first ever party!
Nice work.

My Girl

I know Navy is a chip off the old block, when she has me stop the car…so she can gather some pretty wildflowers she sees!


Dash created this awesome book.
I labeled it, so if I am confused in the future, I will know exactly what I am looking at.
But when I really look, this book is pretty self explanatory!

Twip Naughtiness

The Twips were on fire today.
All three were naughty, and all three got in trouble.
But I’m not sure if “time out” together is any sort of punishment for them.
In true Twip style, they pulled every single pre-ripe lemon off of Britni’s tree, and chucked them into the planters.
Not to mention the slice of pizza that one of them didn’t fess up to, about not eating.
Thirteen lemons were harmed in the hands of the Twips today.
But as I was leaving just a few minutes later, I was thinking…”Maybe they got their naughtiness from their older siblings” as I saw Dash and Grey shimmy across the outside of Brit’s house, and Scout and Royal run through the planters to get to the car.

Street Art

As I was pulling into our driveway, I saw this new piece of street art on our driveway.  Pretty cute.  And since the slight rainy season is over in southern California, I’m thinking this may last until next Halloween!

Second Shank

Should I be worried that this is the second shank Scout has made in the recent months?  And this one is improved by about 300%.  In honor of supporting my children and their hobbies, I decided to applaud him.  I even told him, “Scout…you are so stoked.   If you are ever in prison, you can sneak out FOR SURE!”

Reading Olympics

Consistency is not my strong point.  So when Dash was supposed to read each day this year in TK, and fill out a chart to prove it…I skimped.  We read each day, but scratched the chart.  Well……everything was great, until the Reading Olympics — a new program to me.  At George White, if the kids read every day — and fill out their chart, they are honored at the big ceremony at school.
The day before the ceremony, Mrs. Germain pulled me aside and said, “You know…Dash is the best reader in class.  Tomorrow, everyone is going to get gold, silver and bronze medals.  Because he filled out the first monthly chart, he is going to be able to get a certificate.  I just don’t want you to be upset when he is the only one with a paper certificate.”
Just like Mrs. Germain said — everyone got their medals — except Dash.
Dash was the ONLY ONE who got an actual certificate — something he will keep forever in his important drawer…not like a silly medal that ends up with all of the other medals in the toy drawer!
And the bonus — he got called up VERY FIRST!
Who cares if it was because they went in ascending order.
Dash thought he was the luckiest kid up there.
And if that doesn’t make skimping on a chart my best move this year — I don’t know what does.

Reinvented Flowers

I have been loving my new past time of arranging flowers.
Especially when I can pluck the old dead flowers from the arrangement — stick in some new Hydrangeas, and voila!
A whole new look, for half the price.

Mother’s Day 2017

Talk about a slam dunk Mother’s Day this year! After an incredible breakfast in bed, the kids nailed the Mother’s Day program at church — that my mom put together.  It was a win-win all around.  Pippi even got the “My part is little…and so am I.  All I get to say is Bye-Bye.”  She was a wild card up on the stand, but she did an awesome job!
Honestly - have I ever said how lucky we all are to live with my mom!
I’m glad there is one day each year that we get to celebrate her.
Have I ever said how lucky my kids are to live with me?
I have over and over — and I think I’m still trying to convince my weasels.
After church, my mom and Trilby and I all sat on the couch with our feet up.
I can literally say, that out of every view on earth — from the Swiss Alps, to the ocean sunsets…this is my favorite view.
I can see the tips of my feet that are propped on the coffee table, while all of my loved ones are slaving away for me in the distance.
Unfortunately, the Brockbanks were out of town, so Micah was on his own.
Here is Micah’s list of coordinating the most amazing meal EVER!
It was Beef Tenderloin with Bearnaise sauce, roasted rosemary potatoes, artichokes, chocolate covered strawberries, and a homemade peach crumble.  (Might I note — these weren’t canned peaches!)
My husband put it all together, as if it was a symphony on it’s grandest day — with NO MISTAKES!
The kids pitched in where they could — (props to the sous chef - Skylar), and created a beautiful table for us!
It was delicious!  AMAZING!  Happy Mother’s Day to me!  And a special thanks to Micah for becoming the Mother’s Day guru!

Breakfast Toast

I bet most mother’s only get one breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day.  Not me!  I have the cutest little girl, who made this breakfast toast, with scrambled eggs and crispy cheese that was delish!  Then it was followed up by Micah’s breakfast in bed, of my traditional favorite — blueberry muffins…straight out of the box!  YYUUUUMMMMMM!