Guess who got caught in the chocolate.
Pippi said , “Not me!”

Sea Glass Beach

I’ve heard about Sea Glass Beach for a long time, but I have also known that it is really inaccessible…especially for young kids, and old moms.
The hike in made me nervous, but not as much as the hike out — with it getting dark.
Thank goodness for Brett and Micah, who were huge helps.
There wasn’t nearly as mush sea glass as I thought there needed to be, to make it worth it.
But being with cousins was a huge hit.
And that always makes it worth it!


There is a constant power struggle between Navy and Dash — on who has Grey as their best friend.  Navy and Grey have a huge history of best friendship.  They have played with each other since they were babies.  But now that Dash is a bit older, the same size as Grey, and likes race tracks, Dash is taking over.  Poor Navy.  Her femininity is screwing her.  But even though it bums her out, I just tell her that Dash can’t marry Grey, and that she can!
She doesn’t like my reasoning, but secretly — I think she actually does!

Self Beautified

My mom gave me a book titled, “Children, The Challenge” a while back, and I have been slowly reading through it.  According to her, it was the best book about raising children from her child-rearing days.  I actually love reading it, and can certainly see some of the good things my mom got out of it, and put into practice.  One thing my mom mastered, was encouraging all of us.  I think she just has an encouraging nature, but this book really touches on the power of encouragement.  It basically says that when you encourage, you allow your child to become capable of tackling life.  Whereas, if you discourage, the child takes it as he/she isn’t capable of the task, and then that carries over into all tasks after years of discouragement.  It can be a subtle as a child trying to make her bad.  After they make it (and it is an OK job), you should just tell them it was a great effort, and then just leave it.  Because if you say nice work, and then go and remake it, the child internalizes it as “I don’t do it well”.  Or if a child bombs a test, rather than get on them about failing, you can bypass that bad grade, and encourage by saying, “I can see that you were really trying hard on your penmanship, and it looks nice”.  Honestly, my mom would have definitely pointed out the bad grade, but then would have added the penmanship part.  So, lately I have been trying to be more encouraging.
Okay — my problem is that when situations arise, I sometimes hesitate on whether or not I should encourage.  For example, today Pippi got into the nail polish and glitter make up.  She stayed in the bathroom (the rule with polish) and proceeded to paint her own nails and toes, and put a little glitter shadow on.
My gut reaction was to get really irritated that she was in the forbidden stuff.  There could have been a disaster with her naughtiness.  So was I supposed to encourage?  Was I really supposed to tell her that she did a great job painting her nails and toes, and eyelids?  I knew she knew she’d done something naughty, I could tell by her body language.  But I tried the book’s words  out.  I said, “Wow Pippi!  You did such a nice job of staying in the lines on your nails.”  She looked up at me with her confused eyes, and said back, “I stayed ONLY in da baffwoom.  And I put everything away.  And I walked like dis…” (She walked on her heels with her toes in the air.)  I told her that she was a big girl, and I was glad she followed the rules so carefully.  And then I slyly and quickly went to check the bathroom.  It was spotless.  There was even a paper towel in the trash, that she had used under her.  I was impressed, and then stuck the forbidden stuff in the far back of a pretty full drawer.
I’ll admit that Pippi definitely seemed empowered by my reaction.  I’ll also admit that my reaction goes against my brain.  But for today it worked…and I will happily accept that and read on.

New Year’s Eve ‘16

Tonight is our Polar Plunge, to ring in the New Year!
But first…the countdown.
Every 10 minutes before the clock struck (New York’s) midnight, the kids got to pop a confetti-filled balloon.
Pippi just sat and soaked everything in.
She was mesmerized.
And when the clock struck, it was confetti and glitter everywhere!
After hoots and hollers, the kids all ran to the freezing pool, and the brave ones took the plunge.
And the not-so-brave ones plunged into the hot tub.
Happy New Year!
May 2017 bring in some great blessings and fun times.


A good game of chess between these two buds, warmed my heart.
There is something about one of my kid’s using their brains that does the trick!

Beauty Bath

Just some Biore strips, bath foam and good shampoo/conditioner, to make three girls feel and look like a million bucks.

Navy Sews

Navy is trying her new sewing machine out.
I taught her how to thread it, work it, and now she is trying to sew straight lines with different stitches.
When I checked her work, I’d say she is pretty good for a 7 year old.
Next stop — her very own homemade PJ’s.

Old Fashioned Fun

It isn’t often that we get to go to the movies as a family, but when we do, it is always a hit.
And the kids especially love it when Dad goes, because he thinks it’s a crime to not have popcorn and drinks at a movie.

Christmas Hangover

After Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, The Day After (which had a stack of unopened presents), and Two Days After (the day we all worked like dogs to get the house cleaned up), this boy has a Christmas Hangover.
As do I.
Let’s all nap until the New Year!