Navy was trying on some new clothes, and all I had to call out was “work it”, and she went into model mode instantly.
Not bad for no training.
Dash wanted in on the action, and he was pretty good himself.
And when I was over it as a photog, he grabbed the camera, and they started in on a selfie shoot!
Check out Navy’s fierce look, and Dash’s modest smile.
Work it, Work it!

Today was Pippi’s trial run at primary.  Let’s just say that she wasn’t that excited to sit still, and once she saw me, she proved it.
On the way home, Scout asked if he and Pippi could walk home.
Who knows what they talked about, but I’d like to think that he was giving her a rundown on primary.
Because we all know that it wasn’t about standing nicely for a family picture.


I bet you can guess who made this glittered-up sign for their Daddy.
I’ll give you a hint — it wasn’t Pat or Scout or Spenser/Dash/Pippi/Lindsey or Trilby.
That leaves the one and only — N.A.V.Y!


I am notorious for sending my kids places without sweatshirts.  Sometimes they get cold, but most often they are fine.  But lately, California has been experiencing some pretty frigid conditions, and it has been very cold.  I never think about sweatshirts — and because Scout once lost one, he can’t get them as a layering piece.  But lately my little Dashy is asking for them each morning, and I concede.  I would never want my sweetest boy to be cold.  I could see Scout shivering all day, and not think twice.  But little Dashy should never even get a goose bump!

Krispy ‘16

When my kids woke on December 1st and 2nd, they were looking all over the place for their elf.  Whoops.  B
ut no worries, he showed up in time for tomorrow morning.  And he brought with him a reasonable explanation.
“I’m happy to tell you that you have advanced to tier 1!  That means that your family is good enough that I can tell Santa how you are, after only a few days of spying! Thanks for making my job easy.”
Wow Krispy!
We are so pleased that we have advanced!
But nobody is more pleased than the dear old mom of this joint.

Worst Idea Ever

Above is the start of the one Christmas craft I have always wanted to do.  Who wouldn’t want a mantle full of homemade snow globes?  I got everything out, bought all of the supplies, and prepared all sorts of glass jars, because tonight was the night I was going to create my masterpieces.  In reality, I created the ugliest, malfunctioning snow globes I have ever seen.  My mantle will never see the end product.  After hours wasted, the only silver lining is that I now have a white elephant gift for the season.

Running Shoes

In the spirit of DIY, which we have had in this house lately, Dash opted for fast running shoes out of paper plates.
Pippi joined in, and they ran with each other for about 10 minutes before the glue stick was wearing off.  I told them to clean up their sticky feet, and they said they needed help.  But I reminded them of the DIY spirit, and sent them to the first step of the ice-cold pool.

Unsolved Mystery

I asked one of the kids to help Dash fill in his reading log.  I honestly don’t remember which kid.  But the nest morning, when I was helping him sort all of his papers into his backpack, I came across:
A parent’ signature that resembles mine, but I don’t believe to be a dead ringer.
It really is close to mine, but it isn’t mine.  Or is it?  Was I asked to sign it while I was doing other stuff, and I was holding the pencil wrong?  Was I blindfolded?  Or did I have a child try to replicate my signature, instead of finding me for me own John Hancock.
The truth will come out — it always does.  But since it hasn’t come out yet, I keep wondering if I am just crazy?

Sunroof Cruise

If I drive in the neighborhood at night, Pippi is usually cruising out the sunroof.

Poor Dash

If I had to name this photo, it would be perfectly called, “Insult to Injury”.