The Big Fib

Dash got his first (hopefully last) referral today.  “Dash threw another student’s lunchbox several times.  The contents became smashed and the boy was unable to eat.”  I questioned him, and through his tears and devastation, he told me that he wasn’t even the boy doing it!  i talked to him over and over, and he had me totally convinced.  When I talked to the other mom, I actually started to defend Dash a bit…until I was told that he admitted to it in the Principal’s office.  While still on the phone, I looked over at Dash with the evil eyes, and he knew.  HE KNEW!
Part 1 of the 3-part punishment was a little light reading I wanted a report on.

Smiley Creek

At the end of our CYOA, my dad got really sick and ended up in the hospital with septic pneumonia.  it was very sketchy, and has been a long recovery.  I finally got to head to Utah to hang out with him for a few days, and I gave him a hat we got for him while we were all on the road.  It was a good few days of talking and hanging out.  He is doing way better, and is just going to finish out his last few days at his rehabilitation center to get stronger.  I was very happy with how strong and good he was…but his hair needed help.  So I told him it must have been fate that we thought this hat was perfect for Papa, because only a few short weeks later, he was going to need something to cover up his mess of a head!  He agreed.

Airplane Trip with Pip

We are only 30 minutes into our “airplane trip”, and Pippi has basically gone through every time-filler I brought.  Good thing I grabbed crayons and paper at the last second…because at least this time-filler will humor more than 2 seconds of her attention span.
I think this picture took a total of five minutes.  I told her she should add the rest of the family, but she said, “I don’t really feel like doing that right now.”  And I was wrong about the “family” is Posey, Penn and Blush.
The moment we boarded was very exciting, and when I let Pippi pick our seats, she thought she was a total big shot!
And then for our final time-filler…we practiced reading.  This girl is going to be quite the reader!  She spent a legitimate 25 minutes sounding out letters and making words out of them.  I was so proud of her hard work.  And right after we closed the book…the plane took off.
Cue eye-spy with my little eye.


I am heading out of town for a few days, and I asked Scout if he would be in charge of Family Prayer each night.  He said he would handle the show.  As I was leaving the house, I walked by his bedroom and saw a note on his bed.  When I looked and saw that it said, “Pray”, my warm little heart grew three sizes with the good boy I have.

September Beach Day

When you have great friends hanging out together…
And those great friends are using teamwork to get things done…
You run down to Costco for some pizzas, to keep the fun day going!

Second Generation

Who knew that Katie Garlock, Ally Tuttle and I would be watching our kids play together only one generation later!
That’s rad.

Service-Oriented Con Man

This may look like an act of service.  And in some ways, it is.  But the nightly foot rubs that Scout so freely offers Nonnie are part of a big con job!  Scout adores his Nonnie, but really loves what is in her hand.  And since television is banned during the week for the kids, his “service” gets his eyes on each nightly episode of Jeopardy.  And if he is really lucky…maybe a bit of Wheel of Fortune!

Girl’s Bathroom

After years of make shifting bedrooms and bathrooms, the girls finally have a room to call their own.  And lucky for them, that room is attached to a “girl’s bathroom” which is also theirs to call their own!
Nonnie added the finishing touches by pinking it all up!


Pippi was so focused on cutting her lines straight, I complimented her.
Clearly she got a big head from it, because she then went out and challenged her dad to Mancala.  Which I think she might have won.

Pippi’s Family

Pippi came home with her “family”.
Sorry Navy and Scout…it looks like you are out, and Blush, Penn and Posey are in!