Heroine and Hero

Scout was being a real piece of work tonight.  He had put off his piano practicing until the last minute…and then I heard him dinking through a song he didn’t even know  when his lesson is TOMORROW!  I went down and told him that he needed to have the piece learned by his lesson tomorrow — and to stay at the piano until he knew it.  He melted down.  He melted down more than a 12 year old should melt down.  But I stayed strong and explained that his choice to put off his new piece had the consequence of him not knowing it.  And a wasted lesson of him not knowing his pieces for the teacher, was a lesson that he could pay for.  He melted and melted.   Then he complained to me that he doesn’t know how to read the notes.  I ignored him (because he does know how to read the notes).  But Navy (who was in bed at this point) snuck down and said, Hey Scout…maybe I could help you.  He was still distraught, and she went over to the piano to get what she thought was his music.
She then spent the next 15 minutes figuring out every note he needed to know, and wrote the corresponding letter next to the note.  After she did that, Scout went in and got to work.  Within ten minutes, he was playing the piece that had formerly melted him down.
I knew what Navy had done, so I called her in to tell her what a nice sister she is, and to tell her I was really proud of her being his hero tonight.  After Scout finished practicing, he came in
and said, “Hey Navy,  I really love you.  Thank you so much for helping me.  I made something for you.”
Then he handed her a ten dollar bill from his own money, that he had made into a heart.  He gave it to her and gave her a hug, and then I melted.
It started out as a tough night, but ended up being one of the sweetest nights I have ever known.
I was so proud of Navy…so very proud of her kindness and compassion.
And I ended up being so proud of Scout…so very proud of his appreciation and thoughtfulness.
I told these kids, that what I witnessed is what heroes and heroines are made of.

Easting Asphalt

On Micah’s watch, Dash “ate asphalt”.
I walked into a bloody mess all down the hall, and all over his face.  Micah was checking out his teeth, while Dash was crying.  I kept asking what had happened…and I kept getting the same response — “he literally ate asphalt”!!!
I felt so badly for Dash — who nursed his mouth for an hour with and ice pack.
When I finally got to take a look…
The asphalt was still on his teeth.
What they said was right — he ate asphalt.
Poor guy, who asked me, “Mom…how can I suck my fingers with my boo boo’s?”
I told him that I was going to have to comfort him instead of those two dirty fingers.  He passed, and tried his hardest to suck softly.

Tooth Fairy Con

It was over a year ago when I pulled Scout and Navy aside and paid them off from the tooth fairy.  I gave them both a crisp $20, and told them that they needed to keep their traps shut, and never expect another under-the-pillow surprise again!
Well, Navy lost a tooth yesterday.  I am not sure why — but she put her tooth in a baggy under her pillow.  (I am guessing it was to keep the fantasy alive in Dash and Pippi’s eyes?!)
Fast forward to this morning.
My mom said, “Hey…in the middle of my sleep last night, I remembered Navy had put a tooth under the pillow — so I got up and fiddled around in my purse until I found a bill, and I put it under her pillow.”  I started laughing so hard!  I asked her about Navy’s reaction when she woke up, and she said she was thrilled!  My mom figured it was because it was five bucks — up from the normal two she used to get.  I told my mom, “It wasn’t because it was five bucks!  It was because it was any bucks!  I paid that girl off a year ago — and I don’t leave her tooth fairy money anymore!”  My mom got totally conned!  And Navy just graciously accepted the dirty money!
When my mom and I asked Navy about it again, she played totally dumb — and was as pleased as punch to get the money.  But our skeptic ears raised, when she asked who had the tooth, and could she get it back?

Harbor Days

Every Wednesday:
Run the stairs to earn pizza.
Play at the grass strip after while Britni and I chat.
Not every Wednesday:
Navy gets a bloody nose from rough play.
Then graffiti’s my rear view mirror with her nastiness.
Wednesday is my kid’s favorite day of the week — bloody noses and all.

Scout is 12!

Happy Birthday Scout!
You have been talking about your extravagant birthday party for months now.  After wild ideas (I kid you not that skydiving was in the mix), we settled on CircusTrix and the Hot Tub for him and a group of his buddies…only the day before the party.
Here is the excited and energetic gang of kids before CircusTrix.
And the wiped-out and mellow gang after.
WE obviously stopped at Krispy Kreme for a sugar overload…and then headed to the hot tub.
Where a bunch of prepubescent boys talked all things “cool” and “girl”.
The best part was when Navy showed up, and I announced — here is one of your guys’ future wife!  Then in true Denison form, she said hi…and ran and jumped in the pool in her denim overalls she had on!  They were all a little shocked and thought it was hilarious.  Dare I say — they may have even been a little intrigued?
I will say, that it was a perfectly planned party.  Right when they were smelling my car up so badly I wanted to die, they all cleaned up in the chlorinated waters of Beacon Hill.
Happy Birthday Scout.
Love you, and your obnoxious group of buddies.


Ka took Pippi out on the seven seas today…and according to Ka…she was a total natural.

Grandma Date

Each birthday, my kids get to choose a birthday date with Grandma.  Scout went back to his childhood and chose Chuck E. Cheeses and had a blast.  He even invited Navy and Dash along for the festivities, which I thought was really nice!  Afterward, Navy, Dash and Scout all agreed to take each other each year — and to ALWAYS pick Chuck E. Cheeses!

Church Selfie


Self Groomed

All of my kids are really good at our motto’s second decree — “solving their own problems”.  But Pippi might be, pound for pound, the best.  She was nursing an ingrown toenail tonight…and totally knew the drill.  Even ending it with a spray of Hydrogen Peroxide.
Pippi — you are something else.


Twenty nine years we have known each other.
Who would have thought a young girl in her NafNaf overalls, and a young boy who was the star athlete would still constantly compete, still laugh with each other (or at), and still choose to sit next to each other on his mom’s couch.