For her Christmas Choir performance, Navy insisted on dressing festive.  She said everyone would be decked out, and she needed to look good.
She chose her own outfit…and I’d say she looks festive!
Maybe the most festive of the bunch.
And she wore it with pleasure and pure confidence!

Makeup Bag

B came over with the greatest treat Pippi has ever received.  As B is cleaning out her house — getting ready to move, she keeps bringing treasures over to my kids.  Today was Pippi’s turn, and she inherited her very own makeup bag filled with makeup samples from years of Trilby’s makeup buying.  Pippi spent 20 minutes telling me what everything was, and how it is used.  Then she went into her makeup mirror, and applied everything about eight times each.


For four months, these little ballerinas have been practicing their Whoville dance.
Today was the big performance, and Pippi nailed it.  Except the time she was twirling, and did a few extra twirls until she realized she needed to move on to the next part.  But I can’t complain, because Goldi didn’t move one muscle the entire time.  She just stared everyone down — and then ruined another group’s dance while she pouted in front of the dancers, because she couldn’t find her mom in the audience.  Britni was dying — and I was cracking up!  It was a fun little afternoon in Dana Point, while I watched my little girl grow up right in front of my eyes.

Waiting Surfers

Just two surfers, waiting for their buddies with boards to show up.  I told them to ask Santa for surfboards, so they don’t have to ever wait — but we will have to wait and see if they have been good enough this year to get such a treat!


You think someone got into the white donuts?
Caught ya.

Christmas Card Outtakes

Each year, I love creating our Christmas Card.  I think it over for a month or two, and let my teeny tiny bit of creative juices start flowing.  Each year, I have really good sports in my kids and husband while I make them pose and at times…look a little ridiculous.  Quite often, I explain my vision, with “huh?” as the response.  But they always cooperate.  And I have to admit…that this year may be one of my favorite cards yet!  With the help of a designer, we created a Christmas house on the outside of the card, and when you opened it…there we all were…like paper dolls in the middle of Christmas chaos.  I loved it…LOVED IT!
So here is the finished product:
I am not always completely happy with what I come up with…but this year…I was more than happy.
Thank goodness for a designer who has the skills, to put together what I see in my mind!


After an Email yesterday about the importance of being to school on time, and encouragement for all students to try harder, Mr. Hauser sent out this Email applauding everyone who was there on time today.
Less than an hour later, we got this…a notice that “your student was not in line on time”.

Shutting It Down

Nonnie and I love Nordstrom’s private event every year.  We head up to South Coast, and shop all night long, while being served appetizers and drinks.  It is really fun.  Micah always wants to know if we close the place down, so this year I sent him a picture of our car as we walked out to it.  Yep…we certainly close the place down.

Homemade White Slips

Navy has been making homemade white slips lately.  Apparently Dash received this white slip at first.  But he must have made up for it, because his name was erased, and I’m thinking Scout’s name will be in there next.

Field Tripper

This big boy took his first field trip today to the farm.  When I asked him if he liked it, he said “Mom, it was so cool…I actually got to sit on a real school bus”.  Dash #20, you are the best!