Sorry Notes

The story goes like this:
Scout was trying to tell Navy something.
Navy, in her true teasing fashion, stuck her tongue out at him.
He got mad and kicked — her face.
Enter mom.
I told Scout there is no reason on earth to touch her in an aggressive manner — let alone kick her!  Her spent some time hanging out in his room, while drafting an apology.
Here is his COMPLETELY lame brain apology.
I almost made him go redraft.
Then Navy said she too had an apology.
Of course my sweet Navy did something nice to her perpetrator.
She actually made an entire apology project.
It said:
Dear Scout, I am sorry for sticking my tongue out at you…
…only once…
…so I am doing it again!
I was shocked…and started laughing so hard at the 3D tongue sticking out at Scout!  Navy and I were rolling, and then Scout joined in!  We were all hysterical.
Nice one Navy!
You definitely ended up with the upper hand in this one!
And in an attempt to not get kicked again, she ended with a quick “Love You” on the back.

Watching Themselves

Over the years, I have put together a few videos of the kids.  Every once in a while, the kids are ready early for church and turn those videos on.  I honestly think the kids have watched these same videos dozens of times — if not a hundred times..and they love them each time. I think of everything I have done for the kids, these videos have gotten the most mileage!

Biker Gang

I don’t know how cool your bike gang is, when your mom is following slowly behind to make sure you get home safely.
I’m happy to report…Cade, Seth and my Scout all returned in one piece.

Seuss Girl

Pippi celebrated Read Across America toady in class.
When she came out, I was dying over her handmade tribute.
Have you ever seen something so cute?
I told her that they should do a Dr. Seuss movie, and make her the “Seuss Girl”.
Kind of like the young kid’s “Bond Girl”.


I love that my kids go to school together.  But I love it even more, when Navy’s class helps Dash’s class out, and they choose each other as partners.  On this Read Across America day, Navy’s class went in to help Dash’s class read.  And naturally, Navy chose Dash as her partner.  When I asked Dash if he was excited Navy picked him…he said “Yeah! Everyone wanted her, and she picked me!”


Micah is in Utah, and saw this old-school quilt Tristen has.  He thought it was so cool to see my four-year-old artwork.  I thought it was cool to see how far my “Y”s have come.

Lesson Learned

I kind of can’t believe what I witnessed today.  Pippi wanted to learn how to braid like Navy, so Navy spent about five minutes showing Pippi the craft.  Ten minutes later, Pippi had put six braids in my hair!  At five years old, I was floored!  I couldn’t believe that she learned so quickly, and was ripping through my hair with braiding fingers!
She just might be my smartest yet!

Fresh Flowers

One of my favorite things I do each week or so, is pick out the next fresh flowers we are going to have on our kitchen island.  I have some favorites — obviously peonies when they are in season, I love how tulips fall so perfectly and grand, hydrangeas are so timeless, ranunculus are to die for, and I also like the occasional vase of greenery.  My favorite is one flower, same color, in bulk.  I love it..LOVE IT!  And with Trader Joes being so amazingly priced on flowers, I am a total sucker!
You just can’t help but feel happy when you walk into a kind-of-messy kitchen, but you don’t even see the mess, because a huge vase of pink tulips is making a scene!

Pippi is Star of the Week

Pippi was so excited to be the star of the week in school this week!  She and I made this very important poster, and she had some big opinions on what should be on the poster.  When we turned it in, her teacher said, “Wow Pippi!  I think this is the best poster we have had all year!”  To that, Pippi was pleased as punch.

Come Follow Me

The new Come Follow Me study we do each Sunday morning is great.  My kids have become the pros at looking up scriptures, and I love hearing Dash sound out the words from the scriptures when it is his turn to read.  I have said this a million times, but morning scripture study is my favorite time of the day.  We have had some of our greatest conversations, funniest moments, and meaningful moments in those wee hours.  I am just glad we are adding Sunday mornings into the mix.