First Fat Lip

After bonking into a drawer, Pippi got her first fat lip.
Although the blood scared her half to death, she was really brave and melancholy while getting it all wiped up.
I was sad about the lip — but happy about the 20 minutes of cuddling I got afterward.

Wheat vs. Lavender

While we were driving to Provo, I was asking the kids about their favorite color combinations.
I always ask this question on our Utah road trips, because the color of wheat against the soft blue Utah sky is my top color combination.
I even made Navy get out to document the amazing duo!
As we drove, I think I had the kids convinced that wheat and blue is the #1 combo.  Maybe my “OH!!! Look…there it is again!  It is just so pretty.  Look kids!” did the trick.
but when we got to the Lavender Fields in Mona, my little traitors switched their favorite combo to lavender and that same blue.
I see it.
I like the purple and blue — and they said that the scent makes it that much more amazing!
But can lavender make bread?
I think NOT!!!

Uncle Ray Stop

On our way to Utah, my kids begged to stop off at Uncle Ray’s house!  I obliged, and it was the funnest morning for the kids.
First off — they got to experience life with a real life cowboy.
Scout was galloping his horse, and the other three got a good walk on Uncle Ray’s horses.
Then we spent the mid morning playing in the sprinklers, and chatting.  Uncle Ray showed the kids how to change out the horseshoes on the horses, and they each got their own horseshoe as a souvenir.  After a quick lunch, and more cowboy shenanigans — I was about to take the kids up to Provo, when Uncle Ray refused to allow me to drive in a dirty car.
So before we left, Uncle Ray, Aunt Val, and the kids all washed and vacuumed the car!   Talk about nice!  I tried to refuse, but they wouldn’t hear of it, and to be honest — it was REALLY nice to get inside a clean car for the rest of the drive.
I’m glad the kids talked me into it, because Uncle Ray’s is always a good idea.

7 Magic Mountains

You can’t imagine how excited I was, when some artist decided to put up the brightest art installation ever!
It is 20 minutes before Vegas, and was the perfect stop on our way to Utah.
Apparently it is named “7 Magic Mountains”…and it created the coolest photo op for us.
Please artist…do another installation.
Anywhere between Dana Point and Provo works, and let’s keep it bright.

A Brockbank Water Day

We love when we get the call to have a day on the water with the Brockbanks!
So we were obviously in…and more than any other day with the Brockbanks…today was a success!
All four kids got up skiing (some with help!).
Boogie boarding was a new discovery, and it was really fun.
Wake surfing was the normal favorite.
Dash especially loved it.
And the catch all for everyone — including Trilby — was tubing!
The husbands are definitely in their happy places when we are on the water.  But so are my kids!  We all had a blast!
And a special thanks goes out to this rad (and very handsome) guy!
His patience, hard work, and kindness go unparalleled!
And we all know that behind a rad woman, is a rad wife.  Megan and Bryan…you are what the kids like to say #squadgoals!  Or in my eyes #husbandandwifegoals!
You two are as rad as they come!

Indoor Camping

The kids were pretty pumped when Alexa slept over … AND they all got  sleep in an indoor ten.
Actually…an outdoor tent that was set up indoors.

Moving Accounts

In an attempt to get the kids better at depositing their money in the bank, we closed our accounts that are a few miles away.
Then we drove to one of our local stops — Trader Joe’s, and opened up new accounts in the bank next door.
My kids took all of their change, and counted it and packaged it.
The bank manager was so patient with all of us, it was awesome!
And right when my kids were about to lose it (an hour in), Connor Brown happened to walk in.  He saw my kids on the edge, then said, “I want to take your kids to Jamba Juice to get them smoothies.” I obviously set the kids free, and spent the last 20 minutes at the bank in peace.

First Zits

I am sad to report, that we are entering the sad stage of zits.
Good thing I am prepared for this stage.
Navy’s first zit on top of her lip is long gone…and so were the few in her hairline.
After taking care of Navy’s face, I taught her the art of exfoliating in a really aggressive way.
Please let this stage go by quickly…and pretty painlessly!

Model Job

Scout was pretty excited to be asked to “model” for Angi’s social media ad.  When I saw the pictures, I thought they turned out great!  He added just enough extra hair, and Asian smarts to the photo!

Nate Returns

After two long years, Nate is finally back!  My kids were so excited, that Scout was even playing basketball in the driveway when he got here, with the ball Nate gave him two years ago.  We obviously had a cake, in honor of the celebration.  And after cake, we sat and chatted with Nonnie for a few hours to get reacquainted!
Welcome home!
Update: Skylar isn’t into him anymore…so we haven’t seen Nate much since.  Awkward!