Second Generation

Who knew that Katie Garlock, Ally Tuttle and I would be watching our kids play together only one generation later!
That’s rad.

Service-Oriented Con Man

This may look like an act of service.  And in some ways, it is.  But the nightly foot rubs that Scout so freely offers Nonnie are part of a big con job!  Scout adores his Nonnie, but really loves what is in her hand.  And since television is banned during the week for the kids, his “service” gets his eyes on each nightly episode of Jeopardy.  And if he is really lucky…maybe a bit of Wheel of Fortune!

Girl’s Bathroom

After years of make shifting bedrooms and bathrooms, the girls finally have a room to call their own.  And lucky for them, that room is attached to a “girl’s bathroom” which is also theirs to call their own!
Nonnie added the finishing touches by pinking it all up!


Pippi was so focused on cutting her lines straight, I complimented her.
Clearly she got a big head from it, because she then went out and challenged her dad to Mancala.  Which I think she might have won.

Pippi’s Family

Pippi came home with her “family”.
Sorry Navy and Scout…it looks like you are out, and Blush, Penn and Posey are in!

Bottle Nose Dolphin

When we got down to Doheny today, someone had left a huge bottle nose dolphin sand sculpture with four “view” seats.  It looked like it was made for our family, so we set up camp.
This dolphin provided at least two hours of pure entertainment.  Pippi was the dolphin’s mother, the dolphin was Scout and Dash’s obstacle, and Navy was the dolphin’s repair person.
Until Navy became the ultimate bug whisperer.
And then the cutest surfer!
We are so lucky to have the ultimate playground in our backyard.
Lucky us!


I love, love, love walking into a room seeing my kids reading.  I was particularly impressed with Navy’s pick of Percy Jackson, which is certainly above her reading level.  I was equally shocked that Scout (my reader) has reverted to The Three Ninja Pigs.  But I always tell my kids, “I don’t care what you are reading…I just care that you are reading!”


Four out of seven bit the dust.
The DenStrand lateovers are not for the weak.
Mostly, because the adults can outlast these kids all day every day!


I am always with this little sidekick…but most of it entails picking other kids up from school or running errands.  This day, it was a date…where we spent some real deal quality time together.  She loved it, but I think I loved it a bit more.

Back To School Art

I spotted Scout’s art packet right away.
His penmanship was that of a first grader.  But his “BYU” looked great!