I listened to Pippi tell a story about a gardening, and a beanstalk for 20 minutes this afternoon.
She went on and on, because she didn’t know I was there!
She was in location: imagination — her favorite place.
Then she came to reality…and was reading Chika Chika Boom Boom with Nonnie — her second favorite place.
I literally can’t believe Kindergarten is right around the corner for Pips.  She is going to love it.  I am also going to love it…but hate it even more!

Street Rats

Skateboarding is their thing lately.
Specifically…long boarding.
Street rats…need I say more?

Homemade for Navy

Scout has been secretly working on a really cool project for Navy.  He worked all day yesterday cutting, drilling, spray painting, ets.  Today, he printed, mod-podged and assembled.
The final product…
he made her a crayon holder for all of her art stuff.
I was SO impressed!!!
When he presented it, she was so happy.  She thought it was so cool, and couldn’t believe that he had made it from scratch.
Here is the hilarious hug!
I love my kids being kind to one another.
Nothing is cooler.
Except, maybe a crayon holder!
Way to go big brother.

Hidden Gem

I came up with the BEST idea ever!!!
My kids are trying to earn a little bit of money for Europe, so I told them that cleaning earns money right now.  They griped…UNTIL…I told them that I took a picture of a “hidden gem”.  Whomever cleaned up that particular item got five euros for Europe.
Here was the hidden gem.
I have never seen my kids clean so fast, because they knew that the more stuff they got their hands on, the better odds they had of winning.
The winner was…..
So far, Scout, Navy and Pippi have all won once.  Poor Dash…but he will get his.  At least I hope he will!


There is nothing quite like a beauty afternoon.
Obviously Ka was the mentor to these two hungry proteges.

Pippi Plants

Pippi started some plants at school — green beans (because Scout loves green beans) and radishes (becuase Dash’s radishes grew really good).  After they sprouted, she came home, and put them where we plant all of our temporary plants…under the kumquat tree.
Where they are going to bring happiness to her and my face, each time we walk through our front door!

DenStrand Fun

After pizza each week, the DenStrands play as long as we will let them on the grass strip in front of a busy road!  It is kind of hillbilly style, but that is how we roll.  Or according to Britni — how I roll!
But don’t we all know, that hillbilly memories are the ones that never go away!?!

Buddies Teaching

The walking group boys know I am a sucker for them.  So after begging and begging me, I said I would drive them to school this morning.  But once they got in, I told them we were stopping for gas first — that THEY were pumping!  Surprisingly, nobody knew how to do it besides Scout.  So Scout made Justin get out, and he taught him the ropes.  And as a treat for pumping my gas…they all went to donuts!
Which just might be the reason they always beg me to drive.
What can I say — I am a total sucker….with a full tank!

Thank You Received

The other night, we wrote thank you notes for Family Night.  Micah wrote one that night, but none of us knew who he wrote it to.  Until today…
Navy got a familiar looking envelope in the mail.
She was a bit confused for a second.
But then was so happy to have gotten her dad’s Thank You letter from the other night.
I mean…a good date always thanks the girl who asked him to an official sock hop.
Especially if she is the cutest sock hopper there!

Working It

Ka took Pips to work out at her gym.
Ka was so impressed by Pippi’s strength.
I was a little sketched by those dumbbells that could kill her.