Pippi has a slight obsession with Nonnie.
Lately, she has been telling her, “Nonnie…I will miss you when you die.”  She has also tried to exercise with her, to keep her healthy (which Nonnie always declines!).
So today’s journal from Pippi was pretty classic:
Nonnie Needs Exercise
“Since Nonnie might die, I want her to exercise.  I don’t want her to die. I ask her to exercise with me, but she keeps not doing it.  it makes me feel bad.”
We are all hoping this puts a little guilt into Nonnie.
But the best obsession moment of the day, was when Pippi went to get dressed, and came out with the front of her shirt tucked into her skirt.  I was dying, because Nonnie does this every time she wears a skirt!  I asked who she has seen tuck???  She said, “Nonnie of course!”
How stinking cute!


Navy and Scout got the job of emptying the trashes today.  Navy came in really frustrated and reenacted Scout during the job.  She fell to the ground, and in an accent said, “I am hurt…please bring the trashes to me.”  Then she laid down as all of the work was done for her.
I looked over at Scout, and all of us started laughing at what an idiot he is!
I told Navy that if the British/Australian refugee couldn’t work, he would learn the meaning of Lukawuk AND our new-found RUKAWUK…because his offense fell under both categories!!
(Lazy Kids Are Working Kids and Rude Kids Are Working Kids)

Family Night

Tonight’s Family Night consisted of challenges.  We did a bit of charades, standing with out hands, two human somersaults, and a Pyramid that collapsed on Scout.  In an effort to get a Pyramid picture (Scout wouldn’t go back on the bottom), they just piled on Daddy instead.

Sea Glass Walk

What was supposed to be an amazing sea glass walk with Doey, ended up being the lamest day ever because Dash left my keyless entry key somewhere.  Luckily Doey had her car, and drove all over kingdom come to find it right back at our house on the kitchen counter.
I apologized to Doey and the kids for the lame adventure…but apparently they all had a great time while Pippi and I sat in the sweltering heat on the other side of the never-walked walk.

Hair Competition

Navy spent 20 minutes creating this masterpiece of bows all over my head.  Meanwhile, Pippi begged and pleaded for her turn with my hair.
Pippi finally got her turn…and literally came up with the exact same masterpiece.
Navy and I winked at each other, and gave Pippi the win.

Doey Journal

Doey was in town, so naturally Pippi’s journal entry was about Doey.
“Doey is my best friend.  I love her a lot even though she barely plays with me….”
If you guys are best friends, I suggest you play with her a bit more!

Cutest Kid Pics

Every few Sundays, I tell the kids I want to take their picture before they get out of their Sunday clothes.  This Sinday, Scout said, “WHY!!!  WHY DO YOU ALWAYS WANT TO TAKE OUR PICTURES?”  I answered, because I gave you good genes, and I want to remember you when you were less obnoxious this Sunday, than you will be next Sunday!
So glad I took them…because these might be some of my favorite pictures yet…
And the funniest part is…Scout is always the best when I take pictures!
Then we went to see Great Grandma, and got one of my favorite pictures with her to date!


While at sushi, I told the kids that whoever would take a bite of wasabi, would earn Yogurtland.
I had two takers.
Both ate it, both’s eyes got huge, both got Yogurtland.

Flag Hill Hike

We always try to hike Flag Hill on the fourth.
Because of Navy’s burned foot, we skipped this year.
But it gnawed at me, so today…on July 7th we hiked.
Patriot Hill was a beast.
After five straight days in the intense heat…nobody was really prepared for this hike…but I told them we at least needed to do half of the hike.  Everyone was in great spirits, and Pippi is a total trooper…she was rad.
Once we made it to the Tree of Life, the kids were good to turn around. I pushed for two more hills, and they did them with gusto.
When we got back to the car, Dash found a stink big, and thought it would be nice to bring it back to Navy who couldn’t come.
I was dying that he was holding his nose while holding it!
And Pippi asked to smell the stink bug!
How funny…until she went in for her second whiff, and he got it too close on purpose…so she hit him, and with more attitude than I have ever had, she said, “That’s what you get.”


Pippi sat across from me this morning singing and drawing.
As she drew an octopus family, she sang “HalleYOUlah….HalleYoulah”!
This girl is the cutest thing in the whole world.
Then I joined in with some harmonies…and she not-so-kindly asked me to stop.