Halloween Costumes ‘18

Who knew that these actually took me a long time to make!
But sooo worth it.
I love the ghosts!
I especially loved them making their rounds during the Trunk or Treat tonight!

Captain Someone

When I walked into the house and saw Scout in very small Tighty Whities — I started cracking up!  Apparently, he is “Captain Underpants” with his red shirt around his shoulders.  I told him it was a stretch — he looked more like “Captain Crazy”, but did encourage him to go to any Halloween parties in the get up.  He assured me he would!
(I actually wouldn’t doubt it one bit!)

Shopping Entertainer

Pippi was hilarious at Trader Joe’s today.  She had her own cart, and was literally rocking out to their music for ten minutes straight.  She had a little crowd watching her, and she was oblivious that all eyes were on her.  When I finally got my camera out, I only caught about 10 seconds before she caught me, and then turned “shy”.  She is awesome.  She is so fun to take places. And it wasn’t just my day made as she was rocking out to the music with turns and bopping with each step.

Swimming and Cinnamon Rolls

Scout had the walking group over tonight for Swimming and Cinnamon Rolls.  It was raining for the first time in months, which could have put a damper on things.  But it was actually a highlight of the night.  By the end, after swimming for a few hours and a total sugar rush, they relaxed to Goonies.
I can’t believe that this starts the era of Friday and Saturday nights with friends.
I just hope they all congregate to our house as often as possible.

Navy’s Creative Essay

Navy wrote an essay that was really cute.  She took tidbits of her real life and incorporated into a make believe story.  I only see one error.  It isn’t on picture #5, where it says she is the “arthur”.  It is on picture #3, where it says, “My mom’s name is Tristen.  She is the best mom ever!”  Yep…clearly an error.

Ballet Gear

Nonnie is a sucker for ballet gear, so when she and Pippi went to the ballet supply store, guess who came home with a new outfit?
And new shoes!

French PJ’s

Pippi and I agree, that all things french are just cuter.


This boy has graduated to 300 piece puzzles…but yes, he is still puzzling.
I remember the days when he was doing 24 piece puzzles…the time has flown by.

Quiet Time Sleuth

Sometimes I put myself in my own “quiet time”.  That basically means that when i come home from errands, I linger longer in my car to go through Emails, or answer texts.  Sometimes, if I am really lucky, I will read a chapter out of a book.  Well…that is, until the little sleuth finds me.  I swear she has a tracker on me, and the second my car pulls up, this little skin and bones girl shows up at my car in nothing but her unders and her BYOO wrapped around her!  Probably because I usually invite her in, and then we change my quiet time into our special date.


How stinking cute is Dash’s journal entry.  I sent this to Grey, and he corrected Dash to say his hair is actually orange!