Thee Muddy Kids

I have always loved this picture of Seth, Shem and me.
And I am pretty sure I now know where my kids all get their good looks!

Doey is “Shore” Nice

I woke up to the sweetest notes on my computer from Doey — obviously all with a “shell” theme .
Like “Whale, Sea you later”.
But my very favorite is….”You’re as rare as the Junonia treasure”!
Doey — just look in the mirror to sea that it is you, who is the the real treasure.

Grey’s Birthday

It was a good crew at Big Air this afternoon for Grey’s birthday party.  These kids jumped until they were all beet red in the face.  Pippi was the most hilarious — she went from trampoline to trampoline for hours, and jumped her little heart out.  It was awesome.
And after the party — Grey redeemed his gift from us.
A Dive-In movie in our pool, compliments of Micah!
The partying ended around 11:00 pm, and was one for the record books.
Big Air, to Cul-de-Sac fun, to pool party, to Dive-In Movie.
Not much more a 7 year old can ask for.

Dash’s Loot

Dash really wanted a 25 cent ball from Old Navy, and I repeatedly told him I don’t waste my money on quarter machines.  He had every reason in the book of why he needed a ball, but the answer was still “NO”.
Fast forward 2 minutes and 45 seconds.  I went into the dressing room to try on one shirt, and then came out.  And all of a sudden, Dash had a handful of quarters — 12 in total!  I asked where he had gotten them, and that boy searched around the base of the machine, and found them all.  It was maybe the biggest haul I have ever seen from one of my kids.  He was SOOOOO proud of himself — and frankly, so was I!
And then he proceeded to buy himself a ball.
And another for Pippi.
And then one for Scout and Navy.
And a final one for Grey.
And then he pocketed the other $1.75.
Nice work my little scrounge.

Pippi’s Worms

Poor little Pips came down with a case of moluscum contagiosum about 6 months ago.  It is a children’s rash that has no cure, but fixes itself after 8-12 months (when her immune system starts rejecting them).  The rash was pretty benign until just recently.  Lately, Pippi has been itching those bumps like crazy, and making herself bloody and raw.  And as a byproduct of her itching, I have notice that those bumps are spreading.  Poor thing, but we have a few simple tricks — we cover her itchy parts with clothes or Band Aids, and I taught her how to tap them instead of itch them.  So she taps so fast, but then usually starts scratching.  Poor thing.
We are both crossing our fingers that these things start disappearing quicker than the new ones are popping up.

Painted Scouting Hands

I was in charge of bringing paint for the scout’s hands to put their hand print onto our pack flag.  Micah thought I should bring our ink, so I did.  And then I died, when they tried to wash their hands, and nothing came off.  We used paint thinner, soap, Goo Gone.  Nothing worked.
but the silver lining, is that the Scout were stoked on their colorful hands.
They even “dabbed” for the picture I took of them.

Twin’s Birthday

Pippi and I visited the twins to wish them a happy birthday.
She sang the Happy Birthday song to them.
And then chauffeured Goldi around on her new toy.
And then all of the kids sat at the window, waiting for a birthday balloon delivery!

Greek Goddess

I was sitting with Navy at dinner, and when I glanced over at her, I was almost stopped in my tracks at how pretty she looked.  She looked like a little Greek goddess in her crown braid, and rosy cheeks from her tennis lesson.  And I especially loved her staring off, mostly because she was wiped out from a tough workout…but I told her it was a good look in pictures.

Scout’s Test Scores

When we signed Scout up for Chinese, we were told that his English would suffer for a few years, but that it would even out, and be great again by third grade.  Well, it is true…his English suffered.  Every standardized test score he has gotten up until now have been a bit disappointing.  There have been many times where I thought, “Why in the world did I put my kids in Mandarin?”.  There have been frustrating weeks and months.  But today, when I got the mail, and got his scores from the end of third grade, I was ecstatic!
He got in the top levels of scoring in both English, and math!
I’m not exhaling yet, but I am really happy to see that what we heard about third grade being the year of catching up, has proved to be true in our case!
Thank goodness!

Rainy Days

Rainy days and Mondays don’t got this family down!