Dash is FIVE!

Even though his fingers say four, Dash is actually turning FIVE!!!
And I truly think that all of his dreams may have come true today!
The day started off at school, and then he got picked up by B and Nonnie, for an awesome afternoon at Downtown Disney.
He learned how to make a balloon dog, and then went to Nonnie’s gift.
He got to go and create his very own remote control car!
I think in the above picture, Nonnie might be saying, “Wow, with every single cool upgrade, this is expensive!”  but he got it exactly how he wanted it, and was in love with his red monster truck.
And to be honest, I was bummed that I didn’t know about this place, because my presents were chump change in comparison.
When he got home, we had presents and cupcakes.
It was definitely a car-themed birthday, for our boy who LOVES all things cars at the moment.
The best gift came from Navy.
And she made a little treasure map for him to find it!
Dash, Five years ago, I was holding a little boy who didn’t look anything like my two other babies.  You gave us a run for our money — ending up with two blood transfusions in your first few weeks.  When you were in the NICU, the nurses thought you were the sweetest baby in all the land.  I just might write them to say, “he was the sweetest then, and the sweetest now”.
I love you.  I love your relationship with Pips.  I love your love for puzzles and cars.  And I love that you just might the child who defies my “third child” theory.
Happy Fifth.

Dash’s Jog-A-Thon

Dash dominated at hi Jog-A-Thon today.  He never stopped running, the whole time.  And by the look of it, he was the only kid who didn’t.  It was downright impressive!
And when he rounded the corner, and skidded out, my little stud got right back up and ran his little heart out.
And then beamed ear to ear the rest of the day!
Dash, job well done!
Very well done.


Every Wednesday, after picking up the kids, the cleaner’s supplies sit on our front porch.  As soon as Pippi sees them, she squeals with delight, “Da cweaners are here”!  Then when she gets out, she says, “Bye mom, I gunno go find Isabel”.
And then she disappears for 45 minutes while she helps Isabel clean.
Today, when I caught her in her princess dress, cleaning the toilets, I started singing the Cinderella song.
Although I expected her turn around with a stinky look on her face, she actually turned around grinning ear to ear!

Trash Can Costume

Navy is just trying out one of our costumes on for size.
I love that I have an idea, and not only does Micah embrace it, but he makes it too!
(Update: We actually had a trash can for all four kids, but Dash and Pippi were tripping in them too much, so we only kept our one prototype that worked wonders at the Trunk or Treat, by scaring everyone who was going to throw their trash away!)

Toenail Gone

Dash is really tough.  He bonked his foot a while back, and I gave him his kiss and sent him on his way.  When I noticed his black toenail a few days later, I felt badly.  Fast forward two months, tonight was the night that his toenail needed to come off.
It was only hanging on by a thread, and there was already a new nail underneath, but Dash was pretty against my idea of yanking it.
I finally talked into him letting me cut it off, and he agreed.
And now…instead of a black toenail, my little tough guy has a half nail on the middle toe of his left foot.


After a doctor’s appointment, the girls and I ate at Cafe Rio.
When I told Navy that great grandma lived close by, I was totally game, when she suggested that we should drop off a treat for her.
We didn’t call ahead of time, so we were bummed when great grandma wasn’t there to get her tres leches cake.  But about an hour later, we got a text that it was still there, and she got it.
Great Grandma, we hope you enjoyed one of our favorite treats!

Knee Socks

In honor of my childhood, I’m bringing back the knee socks!
And in honor of the movie “Big”, Pippi is bringing back the eating of mini corn!


Navy is undoubtedly the toughest girl I have ever known.  She can hang with the toughest boys, and do just fine.  But over the last two weeks, her toughness has taken a back seats to the drama.  Suddenly, she has tears coming out of her eyes after a simple trip.  Or she gets offended when someone teases her.
Like most things with children, I am sure it is just a phase.  But there is a little devil on my shoulder laughing, about the very first batch of hormones that Navy might be feeling (according to Google).
Let’s pray for a phase!!!

“Can You Come”

Pippi is constantly asking “can you come”?
Most of the time, she is asking for you to join her in the restroom.  But if she ever creates something cool with blocks, she asks it.  If she cleaned something up, she asks.  And if she needs to go downstairs after it is dark, she asks — or demands it.
And when you deny her request???
She is in disbelief, that you didn’t oblige.

Fourth Grade

Scout’s two teachers have a cool app that allows us to peak into their daily happenings.  I’m always amazed at the fun things both teachers use to teach these fourth graders.  I remember loving my fourth grade class.  I loved my teacher Mrs. Sholly, and the things we learned that year.  It’s good to see that Scout is having a fun fourth grade with good teachers too.