Baby Beach Kind of Day

Today was a baby beach kind of day.  I sat under the umbrella, while Pippi explored.
And eventually disrobed.
Is it even possible that we live less than a mile from this perfect afternoon spot?!
Pippi and I are some lucky girls.

Pippi’s School Pics

Not bad pictures, for a girl who changed in the car on the way to school.

Disney Swag

After a really fun day at Disneyland, my kids ended up with quite the load of swag.
A lot of times this stuff just ends up on the toy drawer, but today — I was happy to see the swag come out and be worn for day two in a row.

Bippidy Boppidy Boo

The the twins and Grey’s birthday, Britni invited us to Disneyland.
And when I say Disneyland — I mean the first class way to Disneyland.
Including the Disneyland hotel, the autograph book, all of the paraphernalia, the pins…and Bippity Boppity Boo.
I never knew this Disneyland existed.
It started off with rides, food and fun.
The stooges were in full force, and hilarious.
Their Star Wars Ears were classic!
But the ultimate event of the day, was the moment that will be imprinted on Pippi’s brain forever and ever.  The moment she became a real life princess.
Here are the girls “before”.
After picking out a princess dress, shoes, jewelry and hair style….the pampering began.
The three girls all sat next to each other for their princess transformations.
They got polish.
Jewelry adornment.
And of course — Magic Dust.
Out came Belle, Sleeping Beauty, and Shanequa.
There was also a Prince Charming in the mix.
And they all rode off into the sunset to meet their prince.
What a fanstastic day for these two of mine…and to top it off, Micah came to the hotel with the other two, and then we all swam the night away at the Disneyland Hotel pool!

I am the lucky recipient of many of these awesome notes from Navy.  She is so sweet, and is always looking to make everyone and anyone feel good…especially me!
HOw sweet is this girl, who went around and asked everyone their favorite word to describe me.
Nonnie - pretty
Navy - nice
Dash - play with us  & cuddle with us
Dad - always happy, and my favorite….never mad at dad!
Scout and Pippi…you are dead to me. But not you Navy….you are alive and well and my favorite!

Another Soccer Game

It’s another soccer game today.
It is boiling hot, I didn’t bring shade, and Dash is doing karate and somersaults on the field.
Pippi…you have my sentiments…EXACTLY!

Saturday Morning Chores

Saturdays are becoming like well-oiled machines around here.
I don;t think I do everything right, but after ten long years of managing Saturday Morning Chores, it is all finally panning out.
This is what this morning looked like:
Scout gets up the earliest, completes the car, and moves on to his indoor jobs — his room and practicing the piano.
Navy does her jobs amazingly well, and then moves on to help anyone who is whining about their jobs.
Dash has recently proved that he can clean the kitchen, which is very impressive for a five year old boy if you ask me!
Although it sometimes takes coaxing to get him off of his head.
And Pippi has stepped up lately to do her piddly jobs.
If I could describe this morning in a word, it would be GRATIFYING.
Especially, since this was all finished before 10am.  It might be a new record.

Faking Twips

After a really long and active day, we put the twips down in the twins bed.  Notice that Goldi is completely out, while Pippi fakes sleep and Sturdy just stares me down.
That basically sums up their personalities.

Sand Monsters

Sand Monsters.
Sand Monster Fail.

Best Friends Date

Pippi wanted to take Goldi on a special date…a best friends date.
(She informed me that Sturdy is actually her best friend, but Goldi is a nice friend.)
After treats, we went to the nail salon.
Pippi was in her heaven, and Goldi warmed up after a while to start enjoying it.
But afterwards, when they both had bright pink nails, they were both in heaven!