Mother’s Day ‘18

After an amazing primary program, and a quick drive to Megans…naturally Pippi went in to Auggies with her leis on while riding on her roller skates.
Good thing B was there to help her…because on my mother’s day…I literally don’t lift a finger!
And as the boys all made us an amazing Mother’s Day meal over the next three hours…I didn’t.
Not one finger!
Only a fork.


She might be a long way from my days of being Michaela Glory Labish…but Pippi is putting an honest effort into practicing her runway walk.
I taught her to stick out her pelvis while walking, to glide as she walked…but I did not teach her the wink she added at the end of the runway.
The jury is still out on that move.

Littles Pick

We drove by the strawberry patch this afternoon, so I swung over for Dash and Pippi to pick berries.  In the last couple of years we haven’t gone picking, they tightened their prices and their rules.  Such as…only one adult could accompany them.  Micah sat in the car from this lame rule!   Meanwhile, I went with them, and told them to stuff their tummies for the prices we were paying!
They did a decent job, but nothing like if Navy and Scout were there with that challenge.
Looks like it is time for me to teach the youngsters the tricks of the trade!

Nonnie’s Sit Ups

Micah was sure Nonnie couldn’t do 10 sit ups.
Nonnie was sure she could.
Nonnie prevailed…like a literal champ.
It was an impressive sight…and that comes from a girl who thinks her 79 year old mom can do anything.

Teacher Appreciation

You’ve got to love, that when Scout made hi teacher appreciation cards this year, he also made one for Grace!
Or actually I did…he just delivered it!

Piano Recital ‘18

Navy and Scout did a fantastic job at their piano recital this year.  I can’ t believe how far they have come in this past year…and the best part is when Seth hears them play, he says, “your kids are so much better than mine, it is crazy!”
Navy played perfectly with dynamics and crispness — two things she has recently been working on.
And Scout played Greensleeves, as did another girl at the recital.  Mr. Holt was really worried about the same song being played, and spaced them out so Scout wouldn’t show up the girl who also played it.  It was good there was some space, because Scout schooled the girl!
(No…not competitive…just honest and a bit stage mommy!)


Who knew that Navy wouldn’t be a great pet owner.  I would have bet a lot of money, that she would have been a perfect pet owner.  But since this is about the second time she has brought Bama out of his cage since she got him…I think it is settled…WE WILL NEVER OWN A REAL PET!


When I walked by Navy writing on a bunch of Post Its, I took a closer look.
They were all notes from “Scout”, saying that he was running away.
I looked at her, and she got the biggest smile on her face…then started posting them all over Nonnie’s room.
She probably posted about 60 notes, and when Nonnie walked in her room after being gone, she was so confused.  When she read the notes, she actually bought into them, and got really concerned.  When Navy and I were laughing, she demanded to see Scout in the flesh before she believed us!  And that is when Scout saw what was going on, and he looked at Navy and in a very disgusted voice said, “Navy…what is your problem?”

Scout’s Rock Climbing Party

Scout really wanted a rock climbing party this year for his birthday, so today was finally the day.
Scout, Seth, Cade, Noah, Jaden, Charlie, and Zach all climbed for about three hours straight.
The best was when I would give them all the same challenge…and they wouldn’t stop until someone accomplished it.
(Although there were a few that were too tough for all of them!)
And by the end….Scout showed it best.
They were BEAT!
But nothing a little soda stop on the way home couldn’t cure…because then they went home and swam for two hours!
I love an all boy party…that is filled with action.
And that is just what Scout got!

Navy’s Irish Art

I came home to a driveway of Irish art.
Navy’s art is so stinking cute…and when she starts, she hyper focuses until she is done.
I’m not sure what brought out the Irish in her today, but I did see Pippi doing the Irish Jig nearby.