Seth’s family decided to take a quick vacation to Moab, and invited us along.  MOab is a wash for me…but in 110 degree heat — it is a no.  But we said yes anyway!  And good thing, because it ended up being the best time!  It was really fun.
We took a hike to the Grand Arch in Arches national park.  We chose sunset to get the least amount of heat — but it didn’t help all that much.  I was wishy washy on hiking in the heat — until we turned the corner and saw the Grand Arch.  It was literally magnificent!  I had no idea it was so huge.  It was awesome.
We also went river rafting.  I have no pictures — but it was the highlight of the trip.  Between our two boats and two kayaks our party filled up…we had water wars like crazy.  It was surprisingly fun — with a stop in the middle for a delicious lunch.  I would definitely river raft again!
Seth took the kids on a really cool Jeep Safari, where they drove up and down crazy rocks in Hummers.  The crew said it was one of the best things of the trip — and was actually a bit scary!
One last highlight was the river we played in.  It wasn’t fancy or expensive (it was free), but the kids played for a few hours straight in it.
Dash discovered a bird’s nest with baby birds.
Pippi solved her own problem with no bathrooms around!
The kids searched for Agate, dammed the river, had rock skipping competitions..and Grant put on a show, when he was trying to beat up Covey!
Rose and navy created this amazing dam that took a few hours of diligence!
The only problem with our river stop, is there were pricklies all over the place — so good thing for Christian, who helped carry the littles.
After, we headed to a reservoir.
On our way, Dash and Pippi got in the BIGGEST fight over a $1 gemstone necklace they both thought was theirs.  They were insane and ridiculous.  So by the time we got to the reservoir…I took that stinking gemstone necklace and chucked it in the water.
These two searched for 30 minutes to find that necklace.  Little did they notice, that Christian had found it at minute three — and was wearing it around his neck the whole time!
When we finally left, we saw a hill on our way out covered in green ash.  My kids know that geodes lie underneath green ash, so they made me stop so they could search.  I love my exploring kids!  How rad are they — and surprisingly — how rad was Moab this hot July!!!

Bella Work

We got to Bella’s house, and every morning on the agenda….is Bella Work.  She doles out jobs for my kids to do. And you have never seen my kids be so willing and helpful.  It is rad!
This morning:
Dash tended to Chap.
Scout made breakfast.
Navy washed the windows.
And Pippi tended to Chap.
They all wanted to tend Chap — but only two got lucky enough today.  But don’t worry kids…there is always tomorrow…and the next day…and the next!

Road Trip to Utah

If you can believe it…I only had a car of four on today’s road trip to Utah.  Micah couldn’t make it, and Navy went up with Calin several hours before we left.  I HATE not having everyone with me!  But Scout, Dash and I made the very best out of it.
We drove up a bit later, so we could hit my favorite — Tuacahn!
It just so happened to be “When you Wish” that was an entire musical written around all of the popular Disney movies.  It was awesome!  Every single one of us loved it!  I would say Pippi loved it the most — but it was so good…we all might have loved it the most!  I love their musicals…and think I am going to stop in Tuacahn every summer from here on out.
The musical got out late…so I drove three hours and decided to stop and all of us slept in the car.
And surprise!!!
We slept 20 feet away from the Fillmore thermal baths.
Obviously Dash christened our spot.
The first bath was ok — so the kids walked on to our favorite.
And it was the hit it always is!
After an hour of playing…we drove north.  I hate the idea of it taking two days to get to Bella’s house.  But the musical and hot pots were kind of worth it this year.  If only we had Navy with us!

Me the Queen

Same person.
Same sentiment.
(Yep…Scout to me!)

Game Time

Just a boy, looking for some fierce competition.


A perk of the Clifford girls…is the occasional sailing date my kids get to go on.  And apparently, Scout has become quite funny to the Cliffords…so I guess he was on fire with his one liners.  I heard of a few, and now need to talk to him about the fine line between funny and obnoxious.  But WOW is he getting cute!

Turtle Time

This might be the oddest turtle I have even seen…but the Cliffords and Navy were very proud of their work.  It looks like Navy’s head superimposed on the shell… but they assured me that she was actually a buried turtle.


Pippi won the Lego “face” competition…with her version of Grandpa!

Full Blown Buds

These Two
Are legitimately best friends.


While I got rooms cleaned and organized, Micah took all four kids to DOHO to camp for a few nights — with the coaches and Cobbs.  To say the kids love it is the biggest understatement.  The kids are like the leaders of the camp, and they have freedom like their mom would never give them.
Yep…they loved it.
See for yourself:
The camping fun ends with the fourth of July….and the Dana Point fireworks.
And the next morning…I deal with the grime and filth that has been plastered on for three days straight.