And We Are Off!

Here is the crew.
We are heading to Europe for three weeks!
The plane seat assignments gave Micah his own seat.
Lucky him…or was it?
The excitement in the air was palpable…and I loved being among it.
But lucky me, when he took over at our layover — and oversaw kid races.
It was perfect…and just in time for the long second leg of our flight.
He wore them out just enough for them to be tired and calm the rest of the way.

School Prep

Because we are leaving, and won’t be back until the day before school starts…I had to do all of the back-to-school prep right now.  I got all of Scout’s 5th grade, Navy’s 3rd grade, and Dash’s Kinder supplies labeled and in their new BYU backpacks.  As I was labeling them, I kept giggling during Scout’s stuff.  He finally came over to see what I was laughing about, and when he saw the reason, my good sport laughed too!
I don’t know many 5th grade boys, who would let their mom write “I [heart] Scout Denison” or grounding threats, and then just laugh it off.
Scout — you are rad!

Barn Trip

My dad has the barn in escrow, and it is time to move all of our belongings out.
Although it is the end to an era, and a little sad — it is also exciting to take a road trip to the barn!
After a few hours of driving — we saw that little red roof sticking out.
Ryan was there — and ready to greet us!  He is so awesome.
I especially love the Christmas lights he put up on the roof!  He was glad I noticed!
It is always amazing to see what he does with the place.  It is immaculate, and clean.  There isn’t one thing out of place, and no matter what I am looking for, he can find it.  He has his own trailer, and a family room.  He has certainly created quite the great space for himself.
He packed all night long with us, and helped us the whole next morning.  He was such an awesome helper, and he kept us laughing the whole time.  He seriously should have been on Saturday Night Live!
I’ll admit, that as we drove away, I might have been a bit emotional.  It was sad saying goodbye to the barn — and especially to my brother who has had a bit of a rough go — but who I absolutely adore.
The best part of the trip…
I loved finding little gems from my past — like this $13,800 check I won from Card Sharks!
That was an awesome two days down memory lane.
Update: The barn fell out of escrow!  Bittersweet, but maybe I’ll get another barn excursion in!

Big Fibber

You don’t say.
This isn’t the first time he has read this book…and I am guessing that it won’t be his last.

Evolution of a Day

This morning when I looked at Pippi’s hair curling around her eye, I internally oohed and aahed at how pretty her hair is.
A few hours later, I took her to our favorite spot — Sephora.
She tried on sample after sample to make her face as beautiful as can be!
Then when we got home, I think she thought her hair needed some work to match her beautifully made-up face.  So she gave her hair a trim!
I can not explain how happy I was that it was only a teeny bit.
The only thing that made me happier — is that “Navy The House Narc” caught her before it became drastic.
I talked to Pippi about it, but she kind of turned up her nose at the thought of her not knowing what was best for her hair.
Then I opened my phone to show her that morning’s picture — and I think that curl around her eye sold her too.
I don’t think we have any more trims in her future.

Neighbor Day…featuring the Scoot Board!

Knowing that their days are numbered to be together this summer — my kids spent the whole day with Seth and Cade.
The morning started out with hours and hours of creating.
They came up with the “Scoot Board”, and it is awesome!  They took turns and rode around the neighborhood all morning on it.  I am pretty sure the patent is pending!
After discussing how to make it better, and all of the improvements they will make on their second Scoot Board, I took the weasels to Harbor Freight to get some better materials.
Talk about kids in a candy shop!
Afterwards, I took the kids on the Patriot hike.
We were all successful in reaching the flag.
Even Navy in her homemade nightgown over her bathing suit!?!
The kids raced back, but I stayed with the cutest little boy I know.
And when he finally passed me, I was shocked to see his bum completely muddy on this arid hot day!
King BooBoo just got another nickname…Disaster Dash!
When we got was time to finally separate.
The kids were all in complete shock and horror at the suggestion, so I told them we needed to do family prayer before it was too late.
Never — I MEAN NEVER have I seen these kids get on their knees as quickly as the night they stayed swimming at the Hansens until 11pm!
Have I ever mentioned that we have the best neighbors around?!

Solving Problems

I just can’t get enough of watching my kids solve their own problems.
Here is Navy, figuring out an easy way to get chairs from point A to point B.
She could only take one at a time, but how rad is she!
And then just a little bit later — she solved the problem of an annoying little brother!
I asked him why he didn’t just get out, and he said, “Mom!  If I get out, she will just put me back in!”

Trip Planning!

In just a few days, we are leaving for our amazing European vacation!  We are SOOO excited!  To prepare, Micah projected a map of the places we are going to go.  And in an effort to go over it with my mom, he taped it up and was explaining — when my mom wanted to go get something from her office.  Micah offered to take the map down — but she insisted that she was just fine to crawl under it!
We were laughing so hard!  But not bad, for a 79-year youngster.
She certainly earned her passport to go adventuring in Europe for three weeks!
As did Micah — the most prepared guy on Earth.
Me you ask???
I came up with the asinine idea to begin with.  I was BORN with my passport in hand.

Little Rats

All of my can be found eating on top of the counter, after they sniff out something good to eat.
This time, Pippi sniffed out my bag of fresh peaches I just bought, for a salad I was going to make.
Looks like I’ll have to adjust the peach content, and go heavy on the burrata and tomatoes.

OC Fair ‘17

The fair is a regular stop for us each summer.
But we have really refined it over the years, to know some of our favorite things.
Pictured — The pig races, the kid competitions, being with friends and family members (in this case — Cade Hansen, Covey and Seth).
Not pictured –  the plethora of food, the infomercial area, and the veggie farm!
See you next year OC Fair!