NayNay’s Makeover

Here are the results of NayNay’s makeover from Pippi.
I thought that this was the cutest bonding experience, until NayNay showed me the video.
Pippi bullied, berated and insulted NayNay the whole time.
Apparently the makeup looked bad because NayNay kept moving. According to the video, she was as stiff as a board.
NayNay was constantly told “you look not fine”.
And poor NayNay was repeatedly told how the was she usually looks is just bad.
I had the next appointment.
I cancelled.

My Marathon

Hell may have frozen over today.
Last year, I received an Email about the St. George Marathon not doing a lottery for the first time.  I don’t know why that sparked something in me.  (Because clearly, the lottery system wasn’t holding me back in years past!)  But that day, I impulsively signed up to do the St. George marathon.  Then I never revisited it again.  UNTIL…a few days before Father’s Day, Micah said he saw the marathon on the credit card.  I thought “CRAP” in my mind, and then sheepishly said, “Happy Father’s Day”!  He said he knew it was for me, and then I said, “I don’t want you to ask another thing about it…EVER!”  (Basically, I didn’t want a coach telling me my training was a little off.)
That day, I started running my 1/2 mile.  Then over the summer, I ran almost every day in Europe, and wherever else we were.  (Including the month I had Poison Oak all over my trunk…and it almost did me in until I found frozen peas!  But that is another story….COLBY!!!)
October arrived, and I was laughing that I had only run my max of 7 miles as we drove to St. George.  So many people were sure I wouldn’t finish it….but I never doubt myself (Nor did any of my brothers and sisters or Micah!) — and my ability to not build up lactic acid.  I figured I would walk the hills and run the flats.
The morning of the race, I got up early while my kids slept.  Micah took me to the race start.  He kissed me goodbye, and I was off with nothing but a visor and sunglasses, and an IPOD shuffle I bought the day before.  I figured running with something in my ears might help distract me from my footsteps.  Of course I was wearing black head to toe — and fully covered. Heat stroke sounded better than running with sunblock on.
I got up to the race start, and hung out at the fire pits for the race to begin.  Micah advised me to start slowly.  HA!!!!  How else would I start!!!
I started that race with the only music that appeals to me in my ears (classical piano of course — Chopin to be exact).  I ran the first nine miles without a second thought.  I already had my PR…and I wasn’t even half way!  I ran past the first spectator spot, but no Micah and no kids. (I later found out that he got mixed up on the directions, and was in tears he was so frustrated he wasn’t there for me.  Poor guy…but spectating is not an easy task.  I’ve just made it look easy all these years!)  So I kept running.  I met up with them at around mile 15…and they were shouting, holding signs, and cheering like crazy people.  It was an absolute blast!
I stopped for a quick picture, and headed out with Scout who wanted to run a mile or two with me.
We ran the next few miles, and met up with everyone again.  Scout stayed in the race with me, and kept staying in every time we saw everyone.
By the time we got to mile 23, I had met my goal….the only thing I wanted to do, was complete the race — and NOT get swept off by the sweeper because I was too slow.
Scout stayed with me for the last 11 miles of the race, and it was so fun to do it with him.
When the finish line was in sight, the rest of the kids jumped in, and we all crossed together!
Who cares if it took me over six hours to finish….I finished.
And now I can add Marathon Runner (or Wunner) to my lengthy resume of ridiculous things I have done.


On our way home from St. George, Dash was doing the potty dance about four exits from home.  He couldn’t wait…and we all knew it.  We pulled off the freeway and found a bush.  He quickly relieved himself, and we drove off until someone yelled STOP!!!!  I stopped to see what the urgency was about, and Navy said that Pippi’s beloved bear “Elsa” was on the ground.
When we went back, Pippi was APPALLED to see Elsa face down in Dash’s urine.
Classic Dash.
We were all laughing so hard that it was making Pippi madder and madder.   Poor Pips.  But how can you help but laugh, when we literally all said to him ten times to make sure that nothing fell out of our road-trip full car!  He was sure it hadn’t, but Navy was smart enough to doubt him and double check.
Dash apologized profusely to Pippi, but she wasn’t having it.
This one might take some time.

Scout Returns!

After four days without Scout…we were all so excited to be there for his return!
Navy ran out of school and joined us, to see his bus pull in to school.
I was honestly surprised by my kid’s reactions.  They were all cheering for him, and they all went in to give him a big hug when he got off the bus.  Something melted me when I saw Navy and Scout hug.  It was so sweet.
Within 30 seconds, he was already telling us story after story of his big adventure.  He had an amazingly good time, and about melted my heart when he told me of a few hero stories he did while he was gone.  Nothing could make me more proud, than my boy telling me about the time he helped a friend who was homesick be happy again!
We are so glad Scout is back…because quite frankly, we were all thinking we were hot stuff while he is gone.  Good thing he is back, to remind us all, that he is the hottest stuff!
I stinking LOVE THIS KID!


I have always said that Navy has the best colored lips in the family, and Pippi has the best shaped lips in the family.
Today during an art project that Pippi was creating, she went and put lip gloss on “kiss the paper”.
After she was done, all of the kids were freaking out at her kiss mark she made…because they said it was perfect like the kids you see on lipstick ads!
On this paper, it is the top left kiss…and we were all cracking up!  After seeing her kiss mark, all of my kids tried to kiss the paper with gloss on, and it was just a big shiny pink mess.  Then they proceeded to ask Pippi to show them how to make a perfect mark!  I was laughing so hard…and then finally broke their efforts with the reality….she just has perfectly shaped lips at four years old…and they don’t!

Crazy Hair Day ‘17

Today is the day my kids look forward to for weeks!
Crazy Hair Day
Meet “Serpent” and “Spikey”
Not bad for a quick 20 minutes this morning!

Prep Work

Here is Micah, doing a little prep work for a little project I have been working on.
It is fun being the spectacle, instead of the spectator for once in my life!

A Sad Farewell

When we dropped Nonnie off at the airport, for her to go to Bella’s house, Pippi was devastated.
She was literally inconsolable.
I thought South Coast Plaza might cheer her up.
It always works for me!
Even strolling through the shops with her baby doll didn’t do the trick.
So I headed to the slam dunk of cures…the carousel.
When she picked the bench to sit on, instead of a horse — I knew there was no cure for her heavy heart.
Poor little thing lost her best friend.
It’s probably the biggest loss she has had in her life thus far.
Except for the time, that so-called best friend hid her “Night-Night”.
Man does this friendship have a lot of curious twists and turns.

Happy 4th Birthday Pippi!

Although Pippi is sure she is 14 (and tells people so), Pippi is actually turning 4 today!  And what a fun-filled day it was:
Her day started off on a field trip to Zoomars.
After riding horses and trains, and playing in corn — Pippi went to ballet with a few of her favorite friends.  And obviously she was in a new birthday ballet suit she picked out!
Next, she went to the dentist!
This was an oversight by mom (dentist on birthday), when she booked the appointment on, but when we found out you get movie tickets if you go to the dentist on your birthday — every child now wants to go on their birthday now!
We ended the afternoon at the beach with the Seastrands, for presents and pizza.
And capped off the whole birthday day, with more presents.  And this was the 10 minute span, where we recorded the cutest video that Pippi will ever create.  Her excitement on every present opened, was worthy of an oscar!  She was absolutely darling as she received gifts, and I only wish we had 15 more for her to open!
Pippi…if this is what four[teen] looks like…this is going to be a really exciting year!!!

Monkey In The Middle

With Scout gone at Science Camp, we decided to celebrate!
Just kidding…but we did decide to head down to Baby Beach for an evening on the sand.  We started with a picnic, then the kids collected, and we ended with a fierce game of Monkey In The Middle.
Pippi and I watched, as Dad, Dash and Navy duked it out.  The craziest thing happened by the end of the night — the kids both got about even turns being in the middle, the kids were all in good spirits, and Scout wasn’t walking around bragging that he is the best!
Even still….we missed Scout!