Jam Session

An hour after I put Scout to bed tonight, I heard his breathy singing voice belting out Iz’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.  I first grabbed my video camera, and caught a little bit of it.  Then I told him that “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” in its original form was my song when I was little.  (I didn’t tell him about the part where I had to scream out at the end to make the sensitive song a little less feel good.)
That being said, I invited him out of his bed for a Jam session.
He was hesitant, but stoked to get out of bed at 10:30pm.
So for the next hour or so, we just sang the first part of our song over and over.  I tried harmonizing.  He tried harmonizing.  I tried to match his breathiness.  He laughed.  But in the end, I think we both nailed it.  And we are pretty sure it’s already up on ITunes…and just might go platinum!
Boo Yeah!

Halloween Candy

After Dash’s annual check up, he got to the car a bit before me.  When I got there, he was double fisting Snicker Bars.  Right as I was going to talk to him about too much candy, and mommy’s limits, he said, “Mom!  I just can’t stop eating my candy…it’s my life!”

Dash and Scout’s Yearly — Or In My Case “Every-Other Yearly”

These kids finally had their annual check ups.
Vision — check for both.
Measurements — 41 lbs. for Dash, 70 for Scout.
Both above average on height, and a little above average for weight.
Stats - check for both.
Best doctor on earth — check for Carruthy!

Killing Cancer

When we were at the Brockbanks, Scout and Navy put together a little gift for Bryan.  They went out to the amazing concord grape bush (Bry’s favorite), and picked a cup full for him.  And then they packaged it extra nicely.
They used a red Solo cup, and wrote:
“To Bryan, [heart] Scout and Navy
Kill Cancer”
They were really happy to get this text the next morning!
And we are all hoping these grapes do the trick!

The Bride

Pippi has been the self-appointed, demanding bride all morning, and has had all of her servants take a turn at carrying her veil.
That poor groom!

Halloween ‘16

Our Halloween costumes this year evolved from “Quadruplets” to “Runner” — because Scout lost his wig at the Trunk or Treat.
I told the kids that if they got their homework and jobs finished — we would start at the mall.
In no time, they were finished and geared up!
Then it was off to our regular stops — Auntie Gail, and Grandma and Grandpa’s house for some showing off….and personal treat bags!
And then we were off to our Halloween night filled with candy, friends, and messes at Britni’s house — just the way I like them!!

Magic Remote

When I was downstairs, and heard a bunch of yelling upstairs, I went to investigate.
I knew that everything was alright, because the yelling — although inaudible — didn’t seem to be from a mad or sad source.
And when I went up, I was right.
Pippi was yelling “Go To Disney Channel” at the top of her lungs — into our magic, voice-activated remote.
And when Pippi wasn’t successful, Dash tried yelling!
Neither were successful, and I explained how Karma works….”When you aren’t supposed to turn on the television, and you try to without permission — it will never work”!


Scout has come up with a new nickname for Dash Denison — it’s D.D.
Those two have been best buddies lately, and it is so cute to see Scout mentoring the boy who really looks up to him.
This morning, I heard, “Hey D.D., if we want to go out an play, you have to read first, so if you come in here, I will help you.”
Simple sentences like that, are like music to a mother’s ears.
When I turned the corner to see the reading in action, the music in my ears became a full-blown symphony!
I absolutely love my Scouty and D.D.’s new bond!

Doey’s Worst Makeover(s)

We all love going to the Brockbank’s house!
But in that last hour, when Doey and the girls, secretly disappear…I know what is going to show up….MAKEOVERS!
I usually think they are funny, until the next morning when I am scrubbing their faces before the wee hours of their school’s first bell.
But today…
Today took the cake!
It was bad.
It was everywhere!
It was ugly!
But sometimes, it was kind of cute.
And to everyone’s surprise…Scout was even in on the action!
Their zombie act was funny, but then I made them all march right back up, and scrub away.

Matching Cousins

It’s no secret that I love my kids to match.
But when the cousins get in on the act, it is like a cherry is on top of a huge, delicious sundae!