Puzzle Challenge

I had some jobs for the kids today.  They were fighting over which job they got.  They couldn’t figure out a fair way to choose…so I gave them the puzzle challenge.  First kid done, picked first job.
Pippi finished quickly — maybe too quickly — with her 24 piece puzzle.
Navy and Dash duked it out with their 100 piecers.
It came down to a few pieces…and they were intense!
In a HUGE upset to the all-time greatest puzzle master…Navy defeated Dash!


I am not a giver of allowance, or free money — but I am a huge giver of bribery.
And so is my mom!
For a boy who didn’t “like to read”, many years ago, a few bucks got him reading.  And this boy is the ultimate reader now!  This $100 was for a huge series — The Percy Jackson Series, which took him months of reading every night.
Is $100 too much?
No, because he is a huge saver, and literally puts every dollar he ever gets right into the bank.
Is reading worth bribery?
I personally think it is the single-most important thing you can do to improve kid’s test scores for college entrance, business school, etc. So…yes.
Is Scout only in it for the money?
Well….each time he gets a new series to read, he asks me if I will pay.  Let’s say I offer $50.  He is happy and moves onto Micah (unbeknownst to me!), who will offer him another $50.  Then like a genius — he moves on to my mom…who will offer him another $50.  So working the system is definitely the name of Scout’s game.  But in all honesty — he really does love to get lost in a book!

Beach Handcuffs

We headed to the harbor before our beach day.  Everyone was doing great, but then Dash and Navy started getting into it with each other.  After a few warnings, they got their consequence.
Once we got to Three Arch, after bringing all of the excitement down to the sand…
Some of my kids got to explore and play…
While Navy and Dash were”handcuffed” until they started getting along!

Midnight Work

I was out and about tonight, but had assigned work to be done before bedtime.
When I came home around midnight, I was surprised that it was not done.
You can imagine how badly I felt when I had to wake them up to do their jobs.
Navy had to clean the Family Room, and Pippi had to clean the Family Night Room.
Both eventually got up to do their work…
…but weren’t very happy.

“Navy’s Secrets”

I laughed SO HARD tonight!
See why:
I laughed at the trick…and the list of bad words!
Where does she come up with this stuff!?!
I called Micah up to see “if we should look”…
He was dying when he was signing his own name!

Joshua Tree

Micah decided to take the kids camping to Joshua Tree.  I love to have a day or two by myself when they camp, but this time I felt mom guilt and drove to Joshua Tree a few hours after they left.  I know that sometimes…kids just need their mamas.  When I got there…I realized that I should have no guilt whatsoever!  I am completely unnecessary to the camping equation.
Camp was set up completely to their liking.  Micah gives them full reign, and they do a really good job.
They had their unruly day planned — including all sorts of things that might have been mom-blocked.
Navy replaces me as the mom of camp.  She had a fire going, and food going for everyone who wanted it.  (Notice the morning s’mores which I would have mom-blocked!  Good thing Navy was in charge!)
And the exploring was in full force.
Scout found his very own machete on one of his explorations!
Again — something that might have been mom-blocked.

Halloween ‘19

You know it is going to be a long night, when your six year old is sound asleep before getting ready to go Trick or Treating.
She finally rallied, and the three youngest were getting all gussied up, when Scout came in and asked where his costume was.  What???  He was very clear to me that he wasn’t going to dress up with the family this year.  But now — 15 minutes before Trick or Treating — he decided he wanted to.  i told him he was out of luck and to go grab something from the costume cupboard.  He then locked himself in his room, while he created his costume.  Right on the dot of us leaving … he came out as a greaser!  I was really impressed!  Good job Scout.
Meanwhile, Navy was the BEST devil!  Pippi was the sweetest angel.  And Dash was the cutest curly-haired cupid!
The night was a success!
As was the candy sorting and trading!
Happy Halloween!

Sharing Meals

When we have to wait for Scout to get out of school — and we have an hour and a half to kill…we usually grab a bite to eat somewhere we can do homework.  Every once in a while, I splurge, and take them to the Nordstrom Cafe.  But to be honest — I splurge on the location, not on the meal.  Like today, I ordered one kid’s meal for them all to share.  It is a cup of soup, a full grilled cheese sandwich, and a bowl of fruit.  So they each get 1/3 of the sandwich with some soup to dip it in, and a few grapes.  I think that is fine!  They did NOT!  I kept reminding them that this was a snack, and not a meal. But they just grumbled over and over that they were starving!
The waitress must have felt for them, because she brought out two plates of extra bread sticks for them to munch on!
Oh brother!!!  But they were LOVING the waitress!  And so was I!
But they still grumbled!
Especially when Nonnie showed up with a plate full of food for herself!  Look at Navy!!!
Unbeknownst to Nonnie…the kids were still “starving”!
As soon as she realized what was going on, she handed Navy her credit card and told her to go get more food…all while rolling her eyes at me!
When Navy got the card…all three kids celebrated!
Oh brother!!!


The puzzle game is still going strong in our household.  And the ringleader…is always the puzzle master…Dash the Man!

Bed Head

Pippi’s bed head was looking good this morning.  It matched her sour expression!