Scout was going to a friend’s birthday party.  This friend happens to be a girl too!  When I got the gift, I told Scout that he needed to wrap it…but the lazy boy wouldn’t.  So I had to.
And on it, I wrote….”To: Mia.  You are the dreamiest! Love, Scout”
He didn’t see it until he was walking in to the party!
Then he was the ultimate good sport when he spotted my words!
Scout, next time…wrap!

Guard Walk

When the kids walked down to guards today, I was a little annoyed that Scout ran off and left Dash and Navy by themselves.
But he redeemed himself, when he walked up the big hill carrying both of their stuff.

Junior Lifeguards ‘19

Dash finally gets to go to junior Lifeguards…and to say he is excited is a huge understatement!  He can hardly contain his excitement.
Scout was off, but Navy stayed with Dash to talk him through everything important he needed to know.  She is an awesome big sis.
I caught one group shot before they had to divide and conquer.
Luckily for Dash, Scout and Navy somehow finagled things and they were all in the same group.
When I went to pick the kids up, Dash got in the car, and in total exasperation he said…”I. LOVE. JUNIOR. LIFEGUARDS.!!!”
I am so glad, but of course he would!

All Set

We are a sleep-in-our-underwear kind of family.  But as soon as Pippi gets up, she is going to be all set, with her pajamas and slippers laid out perfectly next to her bed!

Hot Stops

In 115 degrees…who doesn’t sweat out every ounce of fluid they have in their body?
Apparently these two.

Lake Powell ‘19

We are the luckiest family in the world to get to be invited to Powell with the Brockbanks every year!  It is so fun!  And this year was better than all the rest!  Everyone was healthy, everyone was there, the AirBNB was great, all of our kids tried everything, the weather was perfect…and it is Powell…Bryan’s happiest place on Earth!  Need I say more?
Dash tried everything!  He was so brave this year, and got up on everything which was great for us…and HIM!
Navy skied and wake boarded and was awesome!  She gets the award this year…but not for her water sports….just wait and see…
For several years, Scout has manned up.  He skies, wake boards, surfs…he does it all!  His major claim to fame, is when he gets up each morning before sunlight to go on the early morning run!  He is awesome.
Pippi even tried skiing this year!  Scout got in the water to help her start straight.  He also talked her through all of the tips of skiing, and was so darling with her.  Pippi was in a crouching position, and actually hung on for a while.  I was impressed…but she thought once was enough!
The tubing was great.  We created a game, where whatever gesture I did in the boat was what they had to do.  So I had gestures for rotate left, rotate right, no hands, etc.  It was hilarious and they were loving it!  Then they battled…and Navy and Scout are starting to give the big kids a run for their money!
Cliff jumping might have been the highlight of this trip for my kids.  Dash looked down from this cliff for 20 minutes and started walking back down. Then he turned and sprinted to the edge…and jumped off to all of our surprise!  It was so awesome!  He got the award for sure!
After, we did the annual group jump.
Then we found a really high cliff.   Scout jumped at the 2/3 point which was pretty high.  We were impressed, and the Brockbanks went to the high part to jump.
And the official award for bravest cliff jumper goes to Navy!  Scout and Dash wouldn’t touch that cliff…but Navy jumped twice.  We were all shocked!  It was awesome…and at least 40 feet.  When Navy got out, and everyone was raving…she just had a smug smile on her face while telling Scout he should do it.
While we stopped for lunch one day, Dash said he was going to swim to the other side of the lake.  He talked Pippi into it, and off they went.  This shot actually has them in it, but you can’t see them, because they are so far.
When we finally went to grab them, they were telling us all about their adventure.  They saw a fish jump, a jet skier stopped to ask if they needed help, they were telling freaky stories, Dash used the facilities of the lake, and almost lost his trunks.  Then they told us how bummed they were that when they got to the other side, because they couldn’t get up on the rock…so they just turned around to swim back!  Needless to say…they were happy they didn’t have to swim another 30 minutes back when we went over to retrieve them.
The star of the week was obviously B!  As usual!!!  (And Megan too!)
Our crew was so good this year!
The verdict is still our on whose hair was more obnoxious!
Micah should have certainly been in this contest as well!
The sunsets were beautiful.
We even got a family picture — which never happens!
It was great to have all of the men here this year.  And it is crazy that they are all men!
Until next year Lake Powell.
And throughout this year, I am going to try and sharpen Dash’s cleaning skills.  Because it looks like his hiding skills are already pretty good!

Creamery Updated

For as long as I remember, we have stopped in Beaver for the squeaky cheese and ice cream.  But instead of our little stop a mile off the freeway, the Creamery has moved to right off the freeway in a new and impressive building.
It has always been hard to get Micah to stop mid roadtrip for something that wasn’t nostalgic for him… but I am thinking the new digs, that include a store and a restaurant, might be more enticing.
It might be wishful thinking…but the kids and I LOVED it!

Earnest Plea

She loves Utah as much as I love Utah.

Temple Square ‘19

I love our Temple Square tradition.
But part of that tradition is that my kids are usually particularly hyper on Holy Ground…but this year was different!
We had to stop at Temple Square on our way to Lake Powell…so they were so excited to get to the lake…they were just about perfect!
Christus picture — perfect!
Temple picture — perfect!
Flower pictures created by the kids — perfect!
And for Dash’s baptism year…his solo picture — perfect!

Other Cousins

Our cousin’s cousins, have become our other cousins.
Lucky for us, our other cousins have the best party house!
You can imagine how bummed my kids were, when we closed up shop.  But don’t worry…more plans were made for the very next day to put the party on repeat!