Bird Poop

We were all sitting outside, when Scout got up to walk away.  When he started walking, we all saw bird poop on his back and were dying laughing!  He asked “What…What?” a million times.  He kept looking behind him, and we kept laughing.  When we finally contained ourselves, we told him.  He just shrugged his shoulders, laughed, and said, “Who cares.”
I’ll say one thing — between every aunt and uncle, every cousin, and especially every parent — my kids are prepared for laughing at themselves in life!

Escape Room

Our gang went to an escape room tonight, and had the best time ever!  It was all of ours first time, and we dominated — getting the fastest time on record!  We crushed it by about 15 minutes!  They needed a team name, so we named ourselves “The Virgins”.  We had so much fun, that afterwards we went to the Irvine Spectrum to have some ice cream, and then go on some adventure ride.
Honestly….I forget how much fun life is when you are carefree and laughing a ton.
Nights like these are essential, and this might go down as one of the best!
Nice work Virgins!

Height Difference

Navy was thinking that she is almost as tall as Scout.
Scout was disgusted by this possible fact.
I shot the “proof” picture.
Navy says she is.
Scout says she is not.
I guess everything is just how you look at it.

Chinese New Year

It was a happy Chinese New Year for me, when I got to see my kids performing in the most hilarious Chinese shows.
I especially love that they get to dress up, and wear the Chinese garb, because they look so classic!
Good thing Nonnie went to China, and brought back clothes that fit, because their stuff was getting a bit too small last year.
And after the shows, there was a huge Chinese feast.
Navy was loving all of the dumplings, while I was loving that my Dash (not pictured) and Pippi weaseled their way into their own eating spots!


Poor Micah is completely outnumbered now days.
His only saving grace, is that Pippi still sits back a bit and watches.
Oh yeah…
And Scout takes some side wrestling jobs.
Unfortunately, Scout hasn’t mastered the art of defeating ones opponents, without making them cry.

White Slips

Lately, I think Scout is trying to beat Micah’s record in obtaining white slips.
I wish I had a picture of each one…but this particular one might be the most picture-worthy white slip of all time!
“Scout told a student that people that play video games get fat”!
When he brought this home, I read it in disbelief, and actually told Scout that he is right…and that white slips shouldn’t be handed out to truthful statements.
His punishments:
“conference with student”
“walking laps”
“time in office”
When Tristen saw this, she put this on her Instagram account, and you should have seen the cheering squad that Scout had!  Every single person thought the white slip was absurd, that he was correct, and that “walking laps” as a punishment was hilarious!
I never go into the office to defend my child — NEVER!  But this time, I thought I needed to say something.  Not because I cared about the white slip, as much as Scout missing math — then didn’t receive the math homework, then got in trouble for not having his homework — It was all a lame trickle effect from a lame white slip.  That being said, I went in to talk to Mr. Hauser about it.  I told him that I thought it was ridiculous, and a waste of everyone’s time.  He assured me that Scout wasn’t calling the boy fat (which he isn’t — he is totally thin), and let me know that the other boy is so problematic, that everything that he is involved in, goes straight to the principal’s office.
I told Mr. Hauser that I understood his position, but that my boy isn’t to get caught up in the crossfire of another kid’s problems.  He agreed, and all was well.
(Please note: I didn’t have this disdain in front of Scout, because I think it’s important for him to respect the teachers and principal for their decisions.  In fact, I told Scout that I’m done with white slips.)
It wasn’t 24 hours later that I was helping Scout clean out his backpack, when I found another….WHITE SLIP!!!  I was going to flip.  But good thing it was dated back in November, and Scout just has a hard time cleaning out his backpack very often.  I asked about “hittin Alex in the morning”, and he told me that they are “like best friends”, so I figure it somehow got resolved.
Moving on…

Kiddie Picnic

When Dash and Pippi came to tell me about the awesome picnic they had while I was showering, I was happy???  I do love that these two are buds, but I’ve done the kid picnic too many times to know what sort of mess was waiting for me.
My suspicions were right.
Their mashed potatoes/gravy, cheddar cheese/cracker picnic was accompanied by a good game of Crazy 8’s.
And dessert?
Pippi divulged in a protein shake that she knows she isn’t supposed to have.

Dana Point Waterfall

With all of our rain lately, there is currently a waterfall in Dana Point.
When we heard this, we obviously had to go check it out.
It was really cool — and much bigger than expected.
Naturally, my kids wanted a picture — like everyone else who was checking it out.  Micah started to protest, because it was raining, and they didn’t have clothes or shoes on. But he quickly remembered who his wife and kids were, and then waited as we ran out in the rain for a snap.
Meanwhile, all of the other tourist’s photos stopped. Not because the waterfall stopped, but because they were all looking at the spectacle outside Micah’s car.

Time Capsule

The neighborhood boys came up with a rad afternoon activity.
They decided to create a time capsule.
They were rifling through every drawer I have, and took one of my Tupperware containers…but it was all for a good cause, so I turned a blind eye.
Inside were somer really important things from this day and age.  Things, the boys are convinced, will be spectacular to those who open up the capsule in 100 years.  Like a glue stick, hand sanitizer, chapstick, Pokemon, a Hot Wheel, and of course pictures of the boys.
There are very firm instructions on the outside of the box of “Do Not Open Until 2117 Please”!
They all rode their bikes to a neighborhood tree, and dug a hole to bury it.
Meanwhile, Dash felt a little excluded.  So when he complained to me, I told him to “solve your own problem”.  Next thing I knew — he was creating his own time capsule!  How rad is this kid!
He put it all together — including his own picture.
And buried his capsule on the opposite side of that same tree!
I hope someone can really appreciate these boys, and their radness in 100 years!

Navy’s Birthday!

Eight years ago…the brightest ray of sunshine came into my life.  In honor of Navy’s eight years, we did our usual….the trampoline park, and treats.  Luckily, Navy had one friend who was a girl — Sarah.  Everyone else was a stinky boy.  Poor Navy who matches up with all boys!  Good thing she can keep up with all of them!
Her pick after Big Air was Outback Steakhouse!  Her real birthday treat was when she got her very own personal gaming unit.  But don’t worry…she and Scout shamelessly went to every table to ask for theirs, and every kid ended up with their own!  I’ll say that I have never had seven kids who were quieter at a table!
Among her birthday presents, her new scooter took the cake!
Her dad personally sought it out, and drove far to get it…he is such a sucker for his girls.
This scooter gang cruised all afternoon and night together!
Navy…you are my favorite.  You are the peacemaker of the family.  You take care of anyone who is on the outs, or sad.  You are tough as nails.  You are capable of everything. You do your homework without being asked.  You practice the piano honestly.  You are crafty and artistic.  You crack me up — especially during scriptures.  And you are the funnest sidekick to ever have around.
Scout, Dash and Pippi…take notes, so one day you could possibly be my favorite.
But today…there is no competition.
The birthday girl is my favorite!